Fangirl Friday with Holly from The Fox’s Hideaway

Are you a HUGE fan of The 100? Have you heard of the CW show The 100 and want to learn more about it? Do you have absolutely no idea what The 100 even is? Well then, today’s post is just for you! I’ve got Holly from The Fox’s Hideaway here today so she can share her absolute LOVE for this show with all of you! I know this post may be old news to a LOT of you, since this show has a SERIOUSLY devoted fandom! Season four ended this past May but you have until sometime early next year to get all caught up. I still need to finish season three and watch all of season four and after reading Holly’s post, I need to do that sooner rather than later. Thank you SO much, Holly for such a fabulous Fangirl Friday post!

I binge-watch a lot of TV shows and can always be found on Netflix procrastinating life. It’s one of my favorite things to do. But none have sunk their teeth in quite as much as The 100 has. I’ve previously posted on my blog about WHY y’all should be watching it too, so I decided for this one, I’d just share what I love about this show.

I love the characters (well, most of them ), and the actors and actresses who play them. I’m constantly amazed by them as solid individuals who speak up and advocate on important issues. Also, a lot of the cast are friends with each other outside of the show. They are always hanging out when they’re not working, and every time they post a picture or tag each other in tweets, my heart melts a little. And that transfers to the episodes. Together, they make the show what it is. There is so much about these storylines that could be ruined if the characters don’t have good chemistry. Also, shout-out to the writers for making me love characters I’d previously despised or thought I’d hate forever! Haha.

I love the moral grayness to it. The show ponders so many interesting and intense questions. The sacrifice of one versus the lives of the many. The complexity of humanity, and how far can people go before they can’t remember who they were in the before and after of their choices. None of the characters are perfect; they are all fully-fleshed, complicated individuals who don’t always make the good decisions, who can’t always make the good decisions. I think it’s because of this that makes you, if not love, at least understand these characters and why they do the things that they do.

And the relationships! GAH. I love them so much. The familial ones, the friendships (especially the unlikely team-ups), the romances. Bellamy and Clarke will always be my forever OTP from the show, but there are so many other bonds I love. How Kane takes care of the Blake siblings and finds a bff in Indra. How Raven and Murphy set aside what happened in season 1 to become a dream team. How the delinquents consistently put each other first. How Bellarke leads their people, a mutual hate that burned into love and made the two of them stronger, both separately and with each other. (It wouldn’t be a 100 post written by myself if I didn’t mention them more than once. LOL)

I love the diversity, and the acceptance of queer love as is. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have a bisexual leading lady who is not demonized for her choices, and a world with a society that doesn’t give a shit about who is sleeping with who because they’ve got! more! important! worries! Like saving the damn world. And there are many main characters of marginalized backgrounds. Also. It’s feminist! All of these fabulous ladies are badass bitch queens ready to do whatever is necessary to survive, and they will cut you down if you stand in their way (literally). And they support each other through everything, even when it’s hard. GIRL POWER FTW.

I fangirl so hard over this show and its characters, and it’s no surprise why when the writers continually surpass my expectations (even with rocky episodes here and there, and a very rude fucking ending to season 4). They keep making me want more, and I’m constantly rewatching the other seasons because they are just so good. I’m so obsessed with this show, and I WANT EVERYONE ELSE TO BE AS WELL. So yeah, you should watch it. Or at least give it the first six-ish episodes of season 1 before you decide if it’s for you or not. 😀

Thanks for giving me another excuse to shout about my favorite TV show, Sarah!

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