Blogger Bucket List: Travel Edition featuring Kristin from Super Space Chick

I may be travelling across Switzerland right now, but that doesn’t mean the blog is on vacation too! Welcome to day three of my special feature…Blogger Bucket List: The Travel Edition and today I have a very special guest!  If you spend any amount of time on Book Twitter or BookTube then you are already quite familiar with today’s guest blogger, Kristin from Super Space Chick! I’m a big fan of Kristin’s and when I saw her Autumn-themed travel bucket list for today, I knew she was my kind of girl! She’s got some great New England highlights AND some Disney too, so this list is basically perfect! Oh, and make sure you visit her Instagram feed to check out her photos from a recent trip she took to Alaska. They are amazing!

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I was so excited when Sarah asked me to share my travel bucket list on her blog today as it’s a post that I’ve been wanting to draft for quite some time now.  Since I’m currently in full blown autumn mode, I thought it would be fun to highlight the places I’ve always wanted to visit during my favorite season of the year!


Salem has to be the most obvious choice for a Halloween themed trip so it makes the most sense to start here! I’ve always wanted to visit the Salem Witch museum, the statue of Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched, the House of Seven Gables which Nathaniel Hawthorne resided in, the New Salem Common Historic District and of course, Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery.  Salem would be such a fun and atmospheric excursion for the fall season.


Sleepy Hollow would be an easy day trip for a New Yorker like me, but sadly, I’ve been too busy to plan a trip there up until now.  Ever since I was in elementary school, I remember feeling completely enchanted by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.  It was one of the fist spooky stories I ever read and it’s stuck with me ever since.  Sleepy Hollow is one of few places where I’d love to do a cemetery tour.  Some other attractions I would make a point to see are to ride aboard the haunted hayride, visit Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities, walk the haunted trail in Horseman’s Hollow and attend a performance of Irving’s Legend.


I don’t think it’s possible to think of autumn and not immediately picture Stars Hollow and lovely fall foliage that lines the roadways in Connecticut.  A trip to Litchfield would be more on the relaxing side- I would definitely make a point to be a leaf peeper, spend an afternoon on the pumpkin patch train ride, indulge in wine tastings at Haight-Brown Vineyard and attend the Garlic and Harvest Festival (all while drinking festive warm drinks and wearing sweaters, scarves, jeans and boots!).


This one is a given no matter what the season!  Disney is one of my favorite places in the world despite it never actually feeling like a vacation because I always need to see ALL the things!  I have yet to visit during the Halloween season which is pretty shocking!  I always longingly browse through photos online of the park’s decor and I would do anything to attend Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  It’s an even better than normal time to ride the Haunted Mansion, an attraction I always make multiple trips to, and I would be remiss not to mention the food!  There are always new desserts that are decorated to look like pumpkins, Halloween cookies and ice cream sandwiches, cupcakes, candy apples, Halloween souvenir mugs and so much more!
And here’s a bonus photo of Central Park- I always make a point to wander around the park every fall since it’s in my hometown!



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  1. Yay! Thanks for having me on your blog today Sarah<3! I'm loving following YOUR adventure in Switzerland on insta!!!

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