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I decided it was time for me to contribute my very own installment of Fangirl Friday and what better Friday to do it then the day before I go to an event that will set my fangirl mode on overdrive! Tomorrow I get to see Hans Zimmer in concert!

I’m a huge fan of movie and television soundtracks, and Hans Zimmer is one of my very favorite composers! He’s the man behind the soundtracks for The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception. Interstellar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Gladiator and Dunkirk!  That’s just a small sampling of his work! Seriously, the list goes on and on and on…

In all of my excitement for tomorrow’s concert, I got to thinking about some of my other favorite soundtracks and decided I would share the Spotify playlist that I’ve been carefully curating over the past year or so. But first, here are some of the best of the best from the playlist! I have to say, it was SO HARD for me to cut down this list, there are so many amazing soundtracks out there that I love.

PS – Stay tuned at the end of this post for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about Fangirl Friday!

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I’m obsessed with the entire Interstellar soundtrack, but “Mountains” is my absolute favorite! The build up is so intense and hits me hard every time.

The Tron soundtrack is another one I could listen to repeat all day! The song I’m sharing starts out with mostly strings but then crashes into this amazing ending. I think I’m seeing a trend here! Oh, fun fact, the soundtrack was composed by Daft Punk. The French duo famous for “One More Time” their collab with The Weeknd, “Starboy“.

If the only music I was able to listen to for the rest of my life was from the Star Wars films, I would be a happy girl. I’ve been so fortunate to see John Williams in concert a few times, and most recently, I was able to see “Leia’s Theme” AND “Rey’s Theme” performed live. I’m not ashamed to admit that I got super emotional!

This song gives me all sorts of Outlander and Scottish feels. It’s so haunting and romantic!

This is the first song from a movie that ever stuck with me. Watch the video and you’ll see why…SO SWOONY! If you want to hear the whole song in its HD glory then click here! Oh, and if you haven’t seen Last of the Mohicans yet…what are you doing with your life???

I love this one so much, I made it my ringtone. When those cellos kick in at 1 minute, 20 seconds, it makes me want to go all Wonder Woman and smash the patriarchy!

Here’s a song from another movie with a kick ass woman who I absolutely loved. Mad Max is a high-octane ride but some of the scenes feature such gorgeous and moving scores. This song comes from a really emotional scene featuring Charlize Theron’s character and it makes me cry every time.

Those are just a few highlights from my ever-expanding soundtrack playlist! There are SO many more songs to enjoy so make sure you check them out below.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Fangirl Friday will be taking a summer vacation for the next six weeks! But, have no fear! We’ll be back in September with more amazing bloggers sharing their favorite things with all of you!

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  1. This is so awesome! I absolutely love listening to movie soundtracks, and I’ve got more than a few Spotify playlists of my own (I like to categorize them by mood). There are so many awesome composers that I love (James Horner, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, John Williams…I could go on), and Hans Zimmer is one of my favorites too. “This Land” from the The Lion King gives me chills every time! And “The Citrine Cross” from the Da Vinci Code is so epic! Hope you had an awesome time at his concert!

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