Fangirl Friday with Ginger from GReads Books! {3}


Today is a VERY special Friday, you guys! Why? Because today is the wonderful Ginger from GReads! birthday!

So what better day to welcome her BACK to the blog (she’s a regular around here these days) on her special day so she can talk about one of her very favorite things in life. For those of us who know Ginger, her name is nearly synonymous with a certain sweet summertime fruit! Ginger has an EPIC collection featuring this fruit and whenever I’m out and about and see something with this on it, it takes everything in me not to buy it for her. She probably already has it anyways! LOL!

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Hey, friends! I’m excited to be featured again on Sarah’s blog as part of Fangirl Friday. Today just so happens to be MY 36th birthday, too!! And I couldn’t think of a better way to fangirl on my birthday than to celebrate with a pineapple party!!

If you know anything about me, then you must know my obsession with  pineapples. From home décor, to clothing, to jewelry, to car air freshners – if it’s got a pineapple on it, I need it! I thought it would be fun to feature some of my own pineapple things I’ve collected over the past few years since this obsession began. Friends & family gifted a lot of these items to me because they know the addiction is real!

Top left are my throw pillows on the couch (that I keep out year round lol). Middle top is my favorite pineapple accessory. Then on the top right is one of my (many) reusable pineapple cups.

Center left is my favorite work out tank (I spy my pineapple bookends in this pic, too!). Center middle is a pineapple I have framed on my living room wall. Center right is my phone case that I absolutely adore and always gets tons of compliments on.

Very bottom left is my bathroom! Every girl needs a pineapple shower curtain, right?! Bottom center is an oh so cute journal I received from a co-worker and keep in my classroom. And finally, bottom right is the yummy new pineapple cider I discovered this summer.

As I said before, I’ve got MANY pineapple reusable cups (I’m a bit obsessed), and this is my Starbucks one on the far left. Top pic is just of… well… pineapples! Ha! I get excited even when I see them in my grocery store. The bottom right pic is an assortment of some more pineapple things I own. One of my favorites is the t-shirt you see here that says, “If you were a fruit you’d be a FINE-APPLE” hehe.

I love how people now associate pineapples with me. I’ll receive a text or tweet from someone I know telling me they saw this pineapple thing, or that pineapple thing and thought of me! So basically I am the unofficial pineapple gal J Thanks Sarah for letting me show off all my pineapple goodness! I’m honored to be back again fangirling with you and your readers, and what better day than my birthday! Yay!

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  1. I’m def not obsessed with pineapple but I’ve always liked them. Suddenly they are everywhere in home decor and stuff which is awesome. I’ve actually got the Perfectly Posh pineapple chunk ( in my shower for summer cause it smells sooo good and they have a pineapple face mask that has TDF cute packaging too. Pineapples are considered a symbol of hospitality if I remember correctly so I totes think they’d be just as acceptable as a hostess gift as a bottle of wine is.

    Nice to see someone thinks they’re awesome! 😀

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