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Happy Friday, friends! We’re back after a one-week hiatus thanks to me being a complete flake! Picture it, last Friday night at 9pm, sheer panic grips me as I check my scheduled posts and realized I didn’t have anything ready for the next day. That’s right, your girl totally forgot to schedule last week’s Fangirl Friday, so it’s coming at you right now. A week later, but still epic and amazing!

I’m so excited to be welcoming the fabulous Angie from Read Sleep Repeat. Angie is the pure definition of fangirl! When she loves something, she loves it HARD and I always love seeing her tweets of enthusiasm and love for her favorite things. I have heard SO many amazing things about her Fangirl Friday topic, and her post just gets me even more intrigued. I think it’s finally time for me to dive into the world of “Yuri!!! on Ice”!

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HELLO FRIENDS! I am so excited to be visiting What Sarah Read for Fangirl Friday. This feature (and blog) is one of my all-time favorites. Today I’m going to be sharing my love of a little anime you may or may not heard of called Yuri!!! On ICE.

Now admittedly, I have never been a big anime person. Dragonball Z was pretty much the extent of my experience, but when I started seeing everyone on my Twitter timeline shouting about it and calling it gays on ice, I knew that it was something that I needed in my life. Trust me when I say the hype is justified. It didn’t even take a full episode for me to fall head over heels “lets elope immediately” love with everything about it.

Now, obviously the most important thing you need to know about this anime (besides gays on ice of course) is that it features the three best animated characters of all time. Adorable pork cutlet bowl loving Yuuri + his idol (champion figure skater and actual cinnamon roll) Victor + his rival (and sass master) Yurio (who is my child, fight me).

It’s also very important to note that Victor Nikiforov is the literal hottest anime creation of all time. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS FACE



(and yes, I’m fully aware I am lusting over an animation but I don’t careeeeeeee)

However I digress

What I love the very, very most about this show and these three characters is the found family aspect. Even though these boys are competitors and Yurio is scared of feelings and needs to pretend that he hates everybody, there is clearly a strong bond between the three of them and it melts my cold, black heart just a little bit every time I watch. They are all super supportive of each other and constantly encouraging them to be better and ugh my heart.

(image credit to Miss0lesya on DeviantArt)

And that’s true for ALL of the skaters they are competing with throughout the show. It’s impossible not to love all of the characters (except for maybe that one jerk) because they are always cheering my favs on even though they are the competition. These figure skaters are basically one big happy family and who doesn’t want that in their life?

Yuri!!! On ICE is also flat our hilarious. There are moments I laughed so hard at that I fell off my bed. If you watch it for no other reason, watch it for that.

And of course I can’t fangirl over YoI without mentioning the glorious ship that is Yuuri and Victor. They are just so damn cute. Yuuri doesn’t know how to handle the sexiness that is Victor, and Victor clearly thinks Yuuri hangs the sun and stars and moon, etc. I won’t say anymore because SPOILERS but I have not loved or been more invested in a ship since Pynch in The Raven Cycle.

Basically Yuri!!! On ICE is the most flawless anime in the world because of the amazing, completely lovable characters + found family amazingness + OTP + HILARITY. If you haven’t watched it yet it’s all on Crunchyroll and you should go fix your life.

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