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By now you should all know what time it is here at What Sarah Read…it’s Fangirl Friday! A feature that is near and dear to my heart since I am a huge fangirl myself of SO MANY things…most recently, the new Wonder Woman movie! I love welcoming my friends to the blog every Friday so they can fangirl about their own faves.

Today, I’m welcoming Morgan from The Bookish Beagle as the Fangirl Friday guest poster and I’m so happy to have her back! You may recall Morgan’s epic Fangirl Friday post from a couple of years ago all about her love for the animated show, Adventure Time. This is still one of my all-time favorite posts from my Fangirl Friday feature. Morgan’s love for the show is evident and her enthusiasm in sharing that love in her post is exactly what Fangirl Friday is all about! Needless to say, her post today is just as amazing and, personally, I’m totally fangirling over it!

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I’m so excited to be back on What Sarah Read for another Fangirl Friday post! This time I’m talking about something I’ve always liked that turned into full blown fangirl status a couple years ago:

Star Wars!

When they rereleased the original trilogy in theaters for its 20th anniversary back in 1997, my parents took my sister and I to see the movies but it stuck with my sister more than me. She LOVED Star Wars and played it at recess while I got confused whether the X wing belonged to the Alliance or the Empire haha. But I liked them, and saw all the prequels too. I had a Jedi Training Academy sweatshirt and an Anakin action figure with a removable arm LOL. And I’ve always loved Star Tours at Disneyland!!

I also spent an entire day reading about the Star Wars Extended Universe on wikipedia- there are thousands of years of in-universe history and I am here for it!! I hope we get movies someday about the Mandalorian Wars or based on the Knights of the Old Republic video game. There is so much to explore that could be brought to the big screen!

I was of course excited when Episode VII: The Force Awakens was announced but it was almost like any other anticipated movie for me. I don’t remember watching much of the promotion for it. But the anticipation built with each trailer (seriously, the first trailer is a masterpiece) and by the time the movie finally came out in December 2015 I was ready opening day with my Star Wars lightsaber shirt and my bucket of popcorn! AND IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING MOVIE. I WAS OBSESSED. Everything about it, I couldn’t get enough!!!!
Yes, I realize that structurally TFA is very similar to A New Hope but I connected with this movie more than I ever did with the originals. It was pitch perfect- I loved the characters so much, especially Rey; I loved the music; I loved how it wove together the original trilogy with the new storyline; and I loved how epic but how personal it was! My husband and I binged the other 6 movies that weekend and I appreciated the original trilogy a lot more. Han and Leia have the best relationship and Leia is the most badass character. And just watching how the movies all fit together is immensely satisfying, even if there are some continuity holes.
I’ve watched The Force Awakens 5 times since January alone so I’ve probably seen it at least 20 times total. It’s become one of my go-to movies; I’m always in the mood to watch it! And while I love a lot about it, I have four favorite parts in particular:
  • Rey puttering around the home she’s made for herself. Watching her put on that Rebel pilot helmet makes me love her so much- you realize that she still has hope and wonder even after everything.
  • Kylo Ren trying to use the Force on Rey and seeing where that gets him. “You will never be as strong as Darth Vader!”
  • Finn and Poe’s reunion (and the sweeping scenery shot a few scenes later).
  • The climactic lighsaber fight between Kylo, Finn, and Rey. IT IS SO WICKED. I got chills when she caught the lightsaber and the main Star Wars theme swelled in the background.
It’s been two years and I still reblog Star Wars and Episode 7 posts on tumblr constantly. It’s such a gorgeous movie with such wonderful themes and characters, and I absolutely love theorizing about who Rey’s parents are, what’s going to happen in Episode 8 and beyond, and the ships 😀 Give me allllll the FinnPoe! They’ve got me reading fanfiction again too and I love them so. The Star Wars Celebration this year had me so hyped and The Last Jedi trailer!!!! Is!!! Incredible!!! Is is December yet?! (I can’t wait to get my hands on that Vanity Fair magazine.)
Something else I love about the movies are the actors themselves, everyone from Daisy Ridley, to John Boyega, to Mark Hamill, to Oscar Isaac, to Carrie Fisher to Hayden Christensen- everyone just *loves* being a part of Star Wars and that enthusiasm shows. They’re so kind and invested in the fans and it makes the fandom joyful and fun to support.
My other personal favorite part of the Star Wars Universe is the Disney XD animated show Star Wars Rebels. It’s the second canon tv show after The Clone Wars (which I still need to watch) and it takes place a few years before A New Hope right when the Rebel Alliance begins forming. It’s a fantastic show that has shed light on and filled in lots of blanks in the story we all know and love, while standing on its own!
The voice cast is supremely talented, the crew of the Ghost is split between male and female (including the female captain and a female bounty hunter), there is yet another droid with an immense amount of personality, and there are many cameos of well known characters, including Princess Leia, Darth Maul, and fan favorite Ahsoka Tano to name a couple. You learn a lot about the Jedi and the Sith and see the formation of the Rebel Alliance. The dialogue is excellent, the storytelling full of tension. Plus the season 2 finale showcases perhaps the greatest lightsaber battle in Star Wars history, film included. It. Is. Astounding. The upcoming season 4 will be the last and I can’t wait to see how it will tie into everything! There is a glimpse of Hera’s ship The Ghost in Rogue One and I’d love to see more of the Rebel crew tied into the films. I have a few theories on that count 😉 I’m dying for them to announce a standalone Ahsoka film too! She’s such a fascinating, fan favorite character (Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan turned Rebel) with a lot of story left to tell.

Lastly, I’ve really gotten into the Star Wars comics published by Marvel- they have a great collection of series! I wrote reviews for Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes and Poe Dameron Vol 1: Black Squadron, and can’t wait to read even more! Especially the Princess Leia collection! I’m a big fan of Ahsoka Tano so of course I read the YA book that came out last fall and posted my review on May The Fourth; I haven’t read any other Star Wars books yet but I own a couple.

I might not be a Star Wars expert but I finally feel like I am part of the fandom as opposed to being a casual fan and that is a great feeling. I feel like I haven’t done my favorite show and movie justice but hopefully “feel the enthusiasm, you can!” I can’t wait for future movies and shows and books and whatever else Star Wars brings our way 🙂

Are you a Star Wars fan? Have you ever had a similar experience, going from a casual fan to feeling truly part of the fandom? Let me know! And thank you again to Sarah for having me on the blog.

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  1. I love this!! I need to be better about fully immersing in the things I like (aside from WWE, as Morgan knows!). I love Star Wars but don’t know nearly as much about it as others. FinnPoe is life.

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