Fangirl Friday with Ginger from G Reads Books!


WOOHOO! It’s FINALLY Friday! Did this week DRAAAAG for anyone else? It may have felt that way since I leave for Ireland TODAY and I’ve been anxiously counting down all week. Not only am I welcoming Ginger to the blog today but she’ll also be back NEXT Friday for a fun feature with some other bloggers for while I am away. Make sure to stop by on Monday to check it out.

Today, Ginger from GReads is sharing with all of us, her amazing journey towards “getting fit and finding happy”. I am so impressed with and PROUD of Ginger for how much dedication she has put into her new lifestyle and it’s totally inspiring. As someone who would LOVE to get more fit and find my own happy, there are some great lessons here that I’ve taken away.

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I am so happy to be back, guest posting on Sarah’s blog, as part of her Fangirl Friday feature. Last time I was here, I was sharing my love for all things summertime (which is only just a few months away! yay!). This time, I thought I’d share my new-found love I’ve discovered in working out and making healthier lifestyle choices.

On January 1, 2017, I walked into my local gym with my three sisters and signed up for a membership. I had not worked out in, I don’t even know how long! Let’s just say it had been quite awhile. In the six months prior, I had severely let myself go when it came to eating. Basically picking up whatever was easiest and most convenient. Oh yeah, and whatever tasted good! I am not proud of those choices.

I knew this lifestyle change I was seeking was going to be hard. For the first month I met with a personal trainer who coached me on healthier eating habits, as well as work out routines to help me meet my goals. Hard does not even describe that first month. I missed my cravings so much. The work outs though, started to feel good. I didn’t loathe going to the gym. I set a routine and did my best to follow it. My sisters remain such a constant support for me. When I get a text that says: “Going to the gym, want to meet me there?” it’s hard to resist.

I’m the type of person who when I set my mind to something, I do my best to follow through with it. I’m proud of myself for taking the initiative to create this lifestyle change. My goals are being met, one day at a time. Will there be set backs? Oh I’m sure of it. But I’m more motivated than ever to keep going. This may not be the typical Fangirl Friday post, but it’s something I find myself cheering about daily. This is a personal journey and sometimes being your own cheerleader is exactly what I need to get me over that next hurdle.

Thank you, Sarah, for letting me share my story with your readers. Just a side note: this post is being written in March, knowing my scheduled post date isn’t until May. I can’t wait to see where my progress will have taken me by then!




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  1. I’ve been following Ginger’s progress via Instagram and I’m so proud of her! How inspiring!

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