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I am SO excited to be bringing you this week’s installment of Fangirl Friday! I’m welcoming Jane from It’s Jane Lindsey to the blog today so she can talk about her favorite television show. I was a huge fan of this show and watched it religiously. Then…I just stopped. Not sure why but for some reason I fell behind shortly in to season three and never got caught up. I keep meaning to get back into it and never seem to find the time. Because like any good fangirl I’m currently watching a million other shows, including my third re-watch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In any case, after reading Jane’s Fangirl Friday post today, I am now more excited than ever to jump back into this amazing show.

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Hi everyone! Thanks so much to Sarah for having me on your blog today! I love any excuse to fangirl, so I’m very excited to be a part of Fangirl Friday this week.

I’m not one to stick with TV shows. I’ll usually get a season in, and then my interest wanes. I don’t have the attention span to wait for a new episode each week or survive breaks between seasons. But there is one TV show that I’ve watched consistently for three years now, and that I love like nothing else. Today, I’m talking about The 100.

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The 100, for those of you who haven’t experienced the pure soul crushing, gory joy that is this show, airs on the CW on Wednesday nights and is quite possibly the best show to ever play on the CW. Yeah, I went there. The 100 is currently in its fourth season, but I’ll keep things very basic and not give any spoilers. Let me set up the initial premise of season 1. 100 years after a nuclear apocalypse wiped out almost all life on Earth, the only survivors live on a giant space station called the Ark. Life on the Ark is utilitarian at best due to the scarcity of resources, and there are strict laws. Crimes committed by people over 18 are punishable by death, and those under 18 are imprisoned until reaching adulthood. However, the Ark is failing, and the life-support systems cannot keep everyone alive in space for much longer. The solution? Send 100 juvenile delinquents down to Earth to see if they can survive.

WHAT A PREMISE, RIGHT? And that’s just the first 30 minutes. Obviously these kids arrive on Earth and realize they’re not alone, and things progress from bad to Lord of the Flies real quick.

One of the things I love most about The 100 is that this is a show that’s unafraid to go there. You think, oh, surely there’s no way they’ll kill all those people? Wrong. This show is dark in a truly glorious way, and it really explores what people are capable of, and how far they’re willing to go to survive. Even if it means losing their humanity in the process.

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The female characters run the show, so if you’re a fan of badass female protagonists, look no further. Clarke Griffin is very clearly portrayed as the main character, but nearly every single woman on this show is amazing: Raven, Lexa, Octavia, Abby…I can go on and on. Plus, there are women in positions of authority who aren’t questioned in those roles simply because they’re women. They lead, and are fearsome to behold. I obviously have a lot of feelings about this.

Representation in The 100 is another huge selling point for me. Much of the cast are people of color, and different sexualities are depicted. (Sadly, The 100 also fell into the #KillYourGays trope, which was…not great.) There is even a main character who becomes physically disabled, and another who struggles openly with PTSD in the later seasons.

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When it comes to The 100, there’s a ship for everyone. While the fandom is divided pretty intensely when it comes to shipping (and honestly I avoid The 100 tumblr fandom like the plague because they are a little too much for me), there is no shortage of options. I personally ship Bellarke, the beautiful union of Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin, aka Dad and Mom of Team Delinquent. I also love Minty (Miller/Monty), Clexa (Clarke/Lexa), Kabby (Kane/Abby), and Bravenlarke (Bellamy/Raven/Clarke, because golden trio).

In conclusion, The 100 is a kickass scifi story about delinquents trying to survive and live at the same time, and it is amazing. Plus, the first three seasons are already on Netflix. Go forth and binge watch my friends!

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  1. Claire M.

    Love, love, love, love this show. But Bellarke needs to happen this season or else I am going to lose my mind!! <3

    1. Same Claire! I can’t wait another season for them to get together.

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