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Happy Friday, everyone and welcome to another epic installment of Fangirl Friday here at What Sarah Read! Today we have Melissa from Live, Love, Read! I’m so excited to have Melissa on the blog today, you guys. I’m always seeing her at Boston-area bookish events and she always so sweet and fun to talk to. I love her post today because it’s gives me (and you too!) a real inside look to what makes her tick. Girlfriend LOVES music and today she’s talking about her all-time favorite band. I LOVE her enthusiasm and totally appreciate having a long time obsession with a certain band. So, here’s to another amazing Fangirl Friday! Take it away, Melissa!

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Apologizing in advance for this is a SUPER long post. So I won’t upset if you skim it. All the fun things are in the middle if you wanna skip around.

My taste in music is all over the place from Disney tunes to K-Pop to hip hop to country. It changes every time I discover a new artist or rediscover old favorites. But my unwavering loyalty still lies with one band in particular, Linkin Park. They were the band I listened to when I was really sad or angry, like when I broke up with my first boyfriend. Other times they were the ones I wanted to sing along to as I drove somewhere. Then there are those lie in bed do nothing, but listen to music days and I play their music. It’s so crazy to think back on when I became an avid fan of their music. It was freshman year in high school and I must have been at a friend’s house when I first heard One Step Closer off Hybrid Theory. There was something about that song, the way Chester’s singing/screaming alternated with Mike’s rapping, that resonated with me.

Hybrid Theory

Something just clicked with me and I bought Linkin Park’s first album at Newbury Comics. That was sixteen years ago… *shudders*. Back then I had this weirdly huge crush on Chester and thought it was pretty cool they had an Asian guy (Joe Hanh) in the band, which wasn’t common. At the time, I did not know Mike was Japanese, even though his last name should have tipped me off! I loved Hybrid Theory and I constantly played it in high school. It went right next to my 90’s pop CDS, everyone from N’SYNC to Mandy Moore. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s so rare for me to love every single song on an album, but Hybrid Theory was everything! My favorite track is In the End and I love the music video that goes along with it. I loved this album so much that I of course bought the Reanimation album when it came out. I actually have a favorite off the Reanimation album which is Pts.Of.Athrty.


When Meteora came out in 2003 I was ecstatic to have new music from my favorite band. Again I loved every single song on this album. I had this album on repeat all the time and as I got older I found myself going back to it when I was upset with something and needed alone time. I feel a close connection to the song Numb and used to have it on repeat. It was just one of those songs where the lyrics matched how I was feeling and it happened a lot. My favorite song off the album though would have to be Breaking the Habit because of the addition of the live strings. It was the first thing I picked up on it and thought it really enhanced their sound. This subtle experimentation was something I didn’t mind because it meshed so well. Also the music video for Breaking the Habit was like nothing like they’d ever done before. It’s a bit trippy, but still pretty great to see the band animated. Okay granted in Pts.of.Athrty they’re animated 3D heads, but that’s different!!

Collision Course & Fort Minor – Just to sum this hiatus short, I didn’t mind the songs with Jay Z and Fort Minor’s album was just okay. For those who don’t know a lot about the band, Fort Minor was Mike Shinoda went solo with another bad for a time.

Minutes to Midnight

I DESPISE all of the stupid Transformer films because I can’t disassociate the Linkin Park singles from the films. Totally ruined the songs for me. In this case for Minutes to Midnight it would be What I’ve Done. Still love the song, I just think about the film… MEH! Anyways rant over. My favorite tracks from this album are Valentine’s Day and In Pieces

Projekt Revolution

The most exciting part to this album releasing is a two parter. First off was going to my very first Linkin Park concert!!!! At the time, my boyfriend and his brother were also into Linkin Park, so OF COURSE it was no question that we would go see the band together! They were still having Projekt Revolutions Tours back then. Long story short it was a bit of a dud. Lol we knew none of the other bands…. Except Atreyu I had heard of. The main acts didn’t go on until the evening so we kinda just played cards on a picnic table with my 2 other friends.

Sooo has anyone know the band Audioslave or Soundgarden? If not then I’m gonna give you some insight. The lead singer of both bands is Chris Cornell and I had a huge crush on him too. Hahaha! He happened to be at the show and I didn’t do a great job checking out the line up so I was clueless. It wasn’t until he started singing some popular singles that were recognizable that I knew him somehow. After some Googling on my I-Pod Touch (Yup I did not have a smartphone in 2008) I figured it out. Some singles you may wanna check out:

Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden

Show Me How to Live by Audioslave

Like a Stone by Audioslave

And my all time favorite Cochise by Audioslave

Another question for you guys! Does anyone remember the song Linkin Park released with Busta Rhymes?

YUP! YUP! Linkin Park did a duet with Busta Rhymes!!! Love it way better than the remixes with Jay Z. I actually forgot all about this song until I started writing for Fangirl Friday.

Second part of the awesomeness that is sort of related to the release of Minutes to Midnight was meeting Mike Shinoda himself!!!!

Talk about AMAZING timing!!!! So my cousin in San Fran was finally getting married August of 2009. The plan was to visit my college friend in LA and do the fun things like hike up near the Hollywood sign, go to Universal, and see the Walk of Fame. As I was researching fun things to do, I saw there was a Japanese American National Museum. Since I grew up watching Anime/ always had a fascination with Japanese culture, I wanted to check it out. And to my surprise GUESS WHO HAD AN EXHIBIT THERE!?

If you guessed Mike Shinoda then give yourself a cookie! I hit the jackpot! Being a poor college graduate I could only afford buying the Minutes to Midnight album (well I also got one for my boyfriend too). To this day I regret not buying any of the merchandise that went with Mike’s exhibit. Apparently this art show was his second one and it was a two part show. I just so happened to be going to California during part 2 “Glorious Excess (DIES)”. I wish I had a better memory of my initial impressions of the art work, but he does have pictures up here

Oh look it’s me. 8 years ago…

A Thousand Suns

Their fourth studio album released 2010 and initially I was disappointed with how different the sound was from their first three albums. I believe it was the songs When They Came for Me, Wretches and Kings that I disliked. They were experimenting with new sounds and breaking away from nu-metal. I gave it one listen and then I kind of gave up. I was so heartbroken over the new sound. But as time went on I eventually learned to appreciate the music and came to understand the importance of their musical exploration. They can’t always produce the same old songs because then the albums wouldn’t be able to stand on their own. Of course from this album, New Divide was used for the next Transformer film and then Iridescent was used for the third film…UGH. I think my favorite songs are Burning Skies and The Catalyst.

Living Things

With this album releasing it felt like things were somewhat going back to what they used to be music wise. I remember watching Youtube videos following their progress with this album. I loved every single song on this album save for one, which was Victimized. But if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be Castle of Glass.

Honda Civic Tour

This is also the time I got to see them in concert for a second time! So story time! That year I had gotten into the whole teaching thing. I was working at this summer program which was basically an Asian run summer school. So none of the teachers had proper backgrounds in teaching which was fine, because let’s be real most Asian parents just want their kids to keep studying over the summer anyway possible. So one hot day in August a friend of mine I believe posted about having an extra ticket on Facebook or something and I happened to see it. So OF COURSE I messaged him about it! Turns out it was for that night and I kinda had to leave work after lunch. OOPS! Haha luckily my boss let me go.

That year Linkin Park was touring with Incubus for Honda Civic Tour 2012. We actually didn’t care too much about Incubus. Ha oops! So we wandered around checking out the free things being given away at booths. We watched Incubus perform a few songs. We really only cared about Linkin Park. There were 5 of us there, and my friend knew someone working at the venue and was able to get 2 upgraded seats. The other three graciously let me take the extra ticket because they knew I was a mega fan. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! We got moved to section 1! I was in on cloud nine! Sang along to pretty much every song and yelling because I was super excited!!


My camera at the time had crazy good zoom. But since it was dark and they move around a lot only a handful of my pictures came out this clear. It was super duper hard to get a clear shot of the drummer, Rob. I will never forget my times at their concerts.

The Hunting Party

Okay last story time. So when I was looking up all the Linkin Park information for years and concert dates, it dawned on me that I MISSED AN ENTIRE ALBUM! Like no joke I somehow missed the release of The Hunting Party, yet knew about their tour with Thirty Seconds to Mars. By the way I am super annoyed I couldn’t find anyone to go with me because HELLO! Jared Leto! At this time in 2014, I’m going to pretend I was too caught up with my job that required me to be at school for 9 hours as I was a full time substitute plus worked at an after school program too. Anyways, I’ve only discovered this 6th studio album last month. HA! So I can’t say too much except how much I hate this album. OMG!! I really really do not like that they attempted to go way back to their roots with this one. You would think that I would appreciate it because I’ve said that “I miss their old stuff” But NO. It’s a hot mess. I’m sorry. I just can’t. Maybe ask me by the end of the year because I might change my mind, but right now it’s my least favorite album.

One More Light

The first single of the new album is Heavy featuring Kiara. I honestly wasn’t sure what to make of the new song at first. They started with a ballad which was also a duet which is rare for them. It only took a couple listens to actually appreciate the song. I know this song got a ton of hate just seeing other people reply on Twitter and reading the comments on the music video. But I had learned my lesson from “hating” the new sound with the A Thousand Suns album. They’ve been trying to progress and improve their sound. They’ve released two more tracks since Heavy was released and I like the both. The album is due out May 19th so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Also they’re slowing releasing their World Tour dates and U.S will probably be last so *fingers crossed* I get to see them again!!!!!

This rehearsal video they totally recorded to spite all of the haters of the new song. So many people kept telling them to go back to their original nu-metal sound. And well you should just watch the video because it is GLORIOUS!!

WOW I did not expect that I would have this much to say about Linkin Park. Holy crap! It was between this and Sailor Moon. I’m actually kind of glad I did not chose Sailor Moon because it would probably be even longer with the 5 seasons from the 90s and then 3 seasons for Crystal and not to mention the conventions, voice actors I’ve met and yeah. Maybe next time?

If you have reached the bottom of this page then HOORAY! You did it! Lol again I am so so sorry for the length of this post and if you were able to stick it out the whole way through, just Thank You. Thank You for taking the time to read my ramblings about my all time favorite band. Also many many thanks to Sarah for having me on for Fangirl Friday!

I’ll just leave you with a live acoustic performance of my favorite song of all time.


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