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Welcome back to another fabulous edition of FANGIRL FRIDAY! I can’t tell you how happy I am that I brought this feature back to my blog! I’ve been so thrilled with how excited people have been over it and I am LOVING these guest posts you guys are coming up with. We had Andi talking all about her love for Prison Break and Brittany sharing some diverse reads she’s excited about these days. Today we are lucky enough to have the lovely Rachel from Rec-It Rachel. She’s here today to tell us all about her latest obsession…superheroes! I gotta say, she’s a woman after my own heart! I am absolutely loving her guest post today. Thank you SO much, Rachel

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Have you ever sat down to watch the pilot of a show and then ended up watching all available episodes in four days? That was me with Supergirl this past week and currently I am doing the same thing with The Flash.

I’ve never really been a hardcore superhero girl. Honestly, I wasn’t super interested in continuing on watching all the Marvel sequels because all the female characters seemed like you could take them out of the story and it wouldn’t make a difference (and for a lot of them, this has proven true because they end up taking the love interest girls away for the sequels…)

Much to my surprise, this week has basically been all superheroes all the time, so what better to talk about than some of my favorite supergals?

Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond

Most incarnations of Lois do not fully live up to her potential—but a teen Lois who is kind of like her own Veronica Mars? Sold. Superman himself has always kind of bored me—I judge the Superman based on his Lois because she has the capacity to be a far more interesting character if done correctly. And Gwenda Bond does Lois justice. This series is fun, mysterious, and has just the right amount of a young Clark Kent (aka you get some virtual conversations with him, but have yet to see him face to face). If you love headstrong determined girls, you’ll love this Lois who is everything you have ever dreamed her to be.

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

This graphic novel was a National Book Award finalist, but more importantly it is LOL-funny, charming, and the art is fantastic. I absolutely adore the shapeshifting supervillain sidekick that is Nimona, and while the main supervillain and superhero are great characters, they never take away from the magnificence of Nimona herself.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

I feel like it should be no surprise that I loved Bardugo’s take on Diana. The best thing about this book is that we actually get two incredible main girls. In addition to Diana we also get Alia, a descendant of Helen of Troy and the titular “warbringer.” I am in love with like six people from this book, as is bound to happen with a book written by Leigh Bardugo, but this Diana fueled a full on obsession and adoration of Wonder Woman that I am super thrilled about (though my wallet is not).

I can’t wait to read:

Not Your Sidekick by C B Lee

I havent’ gotten my hands on a copy of this yet, but everything I have heard about it sounds absolutely amazing. The MC is an Asian bisexual MC and someone on Goodreads described it as a “queer Despicable Me and Artemis Fowl hybrid” which sells me on the book right away.

Thanks to Sarah for letting me do my first ever guest post!

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