#UnexpectedlyEpic Morgan Matson Week: I Dare You To…Stay Off Social Media for 24 Hours


As part of Tiff’s at Mostly Ya Lit‘s amazing feature, Unexpectedly Epic Morgan Matson Week, she rounded up a bunch of brave friends who took part in the #UnexpectedlyEpic dare challenge, doing fun and unique dares inspired by the characters in “Since You’ve Been Gone”!

My dare was to spend one ENTIRE day without using any social media! Yes, you heard that right. No social media…AT ALL! I was so nervous going into this dare, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Check it out…

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I woke up bright and early Friday morning and it was just like any other day….for about 10 seconds. So basically, the first thing I do every morning is go on what I like to call…my social media rounds. I check Twitter first, then on to Instagram and Snapchat and finally round it our with a quick peek at Facebook. But today was no ordinary day, today was the day that I was DARED to stay off social media for 24..WHOLE…HOURS! WHAT?!

My husband and I take the train in to Boston to work every morning and we usually spend that 30 minutes staring at our phones. He’s reading CNN and I’m doing social media rounds #2. When we first boarded the train, my husband pulled out his phone and proceeded to go about his normal business, but when he looked up and saw me giving him the evil eye he started cracking up. He knew all about my dare and said he would be legitimately shocked if I could go the whole day. In any case, once he stopped laughing at me, we spent the entire train ride chatting about random stuff. We talked about work projects, plans for the weekend, what we wanted to do that night for dinner. It was so nice to have that uninterrupted 30 minutes to just check in with each other before our days got too hectic.

I swear he was doing this on purpose!

After we get off our train and go our separate ways, I make the 10 minute walk to my office, through a fancy shopping plaza with some gorgeous window displays and seriously drool-worthy merchandise for sale. Today, instead of social media rounds #3, I decided to do a little window shopping and saw some shoes that I seriously covet and a really amazing art display with ballet shoes. Look at all of the pretties I would have missed if my nose was buried in my phone.

Window shopping on the way to work.

Instead of eating lunch at my desk and scrolling through Twitter, I had planned on reading in the gardens by my office. The weather has been gorgeous and I wanted to take advantage of that by finding my favorite bench and spending an hour reading. I took the photos below last summer and they show what a perfect reading spot it really is.

lunch reading
Lunch time reading

But that reading plan was quickly scrapped when my husband texted me asking if I wanted to meet up for lunch. So, I grabbed my purse and walked a couple blocks to meet up with him. On the way, instead of refreshing my Instagram or seeing what people were up to on Snapchat, I took in the lovely flowers and produce from a local farmer’s stand along the way. Can you believe I would have missed this if it weren’t for today’s dare?

Spring is in the air

Yes!!! Lunch at Tasty Burger with my favorite guy. We spent more time visiting and laughing….which turned out to be WAY better than scrolling through my Facebook feed. I know, shocking right?

Tasty Burger!!!!

So basically, lunch was the best and I felt refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. It was such a nice change of pace to switch things up in my daily routine. It actually made my day go by faster and before I knew it, it was time to go home. I decided to go with the flow of the rest of the day, and not go for my millionth social media round like I usually do on my walk to the train station. Boston is a seriously beautiful city and I took these photos along the way.

It’s funny what you can see when you look up from your phone

My husband is the sweetest and took me out to dinner to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. At dinner, we spent even more time chatting and getting caught up with each other. It was like our social media free morning totally inspired us to spend more uninterrupted time together…and I love it!

Date night….with no phones!

So, now I’m home and writing up this blog post and I can’t stop smiling. I had THE BEST day, you guys! After I schedule this post, I’ll skip my final social media rounds of the day and spend the next couple of hours reading with out ANY distractions. Usually, I’m checking my phone after I finish every chapter and it puts a serious dent into my reading time. But not tonight, friends, not tonight!

Final thoughts…

I consider today a complete and total success. Not only did I manage to stay off social media for the day, but I managed to have a fabulous day with my husband and take in the sights and sounds of my favorite city. With all that being said, I definitely did miss being on social media and it was SO hard not want to check in and see what all of my friends were up to at BEA in Chicago. I kept telling myself it would help alleviate my feelings of FOMO, but I still felt a little lost not being able to connect with my friends via social media.

However, what today’s dare did do, was to inspire me to look up from my phone more often to take in everything and everyone around me. I would totally recommend you try doing the same! I promise you won’t regret it!

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Be sure to check out Tiff at Mostly Ya Lit‘s amazing feature, Unexpectedly Epic Morgan Matson Week! It’s a weeklong celebration of YA author Morgan Matson’s work. Don’t miss out on…”reviews, giveaways, and thoughts from me and other bloggers, readers, and publishers on what makes Morgan’s books just click for them, Matson boys, fashion, dogs, and more!” You can also check out the rest of the dares by clicking on the graphic below and follow along on Twitter by using hashtags #UnexpectedlyEpic and #MorganMatsonWeek!



4 comments for “#UnexpectedlyEpic Morgan Matson Week: I Dare You To…Stay Off Social Media for 24 Hours

  1. Yay! This was my dare. I’m glad it was such a success for you! Sometimes it’s really nice to sign off of social media for a while. It can be pretty refreshing, as you found out 🙂

  2. I love a good social media detox! I always feel really great during and after them. I was forced to take one for almost an entire week last year and it was amazing, I thought it would kill me but if anything, if was so freeing! You should get in the habit of having a detox day each week, or say shutting off after a certain time in the evening, turns out the world keeps spinning even if we’re not tweeting every second of it!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. So proud of you for doing this, Sarah! Definitely the hardest dare of the bunch. I love the photos that you took and it’s so lovely that you got to spend so much time with your husband (who is obviously awesome for making your day easier!). Congrats on achieving this one and thanks for participating!

  4. Social media-free days are a lot of fun. Have you tried internet-free or technology-free days at all? They can be incredibly refreshing. I find them particularly useful for burnout of really any sort. I’ve taken off a whole weekend (I even shut off my phone) because I just needed some quiet time to myself, and it was amazing.

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