Kids always love the idea of going to sleep listening to a story, and that comes as no surprise because it has been a recurring practice over the generations. This habit stems from the children’s cognition skills and their psyche that is still under development. All types of stories can aid them in having better creativity throughout their life. Every challenging moment in a story is a hurdle for them too, and surpassing that adds a lot more motivation in them.

Every author also enjoys the process of making stories that transport the kids to a world that everyone loves. Marvel has been in the business for a long time, and the superhero characters have had a great reception among the young kids and adults. Fighting the fears and supervillains to emerge as the heroic character would be the dream of every kid, and there is no better way to build that world for them than reading them some Marvel comics. Here is a compilation of the best Marvel kids’ books.

1.      Thor Vs. Hulk

The thunderous entry with the cropped hair and painted face to combat the green beast was the scene every Marvel fan enjoyed in 2017. This book is based on the film, Thor: Ragnarok, which featured Chris Hemsworth reprising the role of Thor and Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. The mighty characters are given a cutesy approach in the book, making them amiable to the kids. Children from the age of 4-8 will thoroughly enjoy this treat that has beautiful colors and scintillating backdrop.


2.      Rocket to the Rescue!

Who doesn’t love the character Groot for his antics and the cute resonant dialogue “I am Groot”? The kids love him the most; so, there would be no better way to pump them up with high spirit than reading them this book. It features the Rocket raccoon and the other characters from Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-Lord, Drax, and Gamora team up with Rocket to rescue Groot from the clutch of a cloaked figure. Although the kids may find the story a bit scary at parts, children aged 2-5 years will have a great time reading this book.

Rocket to the Rescue!

3.      Captain Marvel Little Golden Book

The hero never dies or ceases to impress, and this first avenger who had her film in 2019 continues to generate fans with her charm. All kids would dream of sliding into that blazing suit of ultimate power to take on the bad guys. Being the hero and protecting our planet from the impostors was the duty of Captain Marvel, and it materializes into one impressive story in this comic with several moments exclusively created for the kids. This Little Golden Book has Captain Marvel fighting aliens who infiltrate earth to put an end to the human race. Every character in the comic is well described and introduced so that the children have a better picture of the other planet and its inhabitants. Children of the age 2-5 will surely have a great time with this 24-pages long book.


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