Fangirl Friday with Montana from The Book Belles

It’s another edition of Fangirl Friday here on What Sarah Read and today I’m welcoming Montana from The Book Belles! Montana is fangirling all about her favorite television shows and took her obsessions a step further and paired them with some of her favorite books! Pretty genius if you ask me.


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Montana’s Favorite TV Show and Book Pairs

The Vampire Diaries (Seasons 1-3)

I loved the first three seasons of this show! If you haven’t watched it, I’d highly recommend it. It has tons of cool supernatural aspects and Damon (who is pretty much the reason you need to watch this show). The way all of the characters are developed and the flashbacks are depicted is so well done, too. I personally think the first three seasons were the best ones, and took a break from the show, but I’ve recently started watching it again, and I love the new storyline.



If You Like TVD, you should try:

Vendetta by Catherine Doyle: Although this one has no vampire/supernatural aspects, it has the beginnings of a love triangle, with the two love interests being brothers. I know some people may be immediately turned off by that, but it’s so well done, along with the way the overarching Mafia storyline is written. One of the brothers reminds me a lot of Damon, too. This novel is one of my favorites!


Veronica Mars

Veronica’s snark, Logan, and the tense mysteries make this show my all time favorite. I discovered this a few years ago after hearing so many bloggers rave about it, and I’m so glad I did! The ending of the series is abrupt, but the movie makes up for it 🙂


If you like Veronica Mars, you should try:

The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: The mysteries in these books are extremely suspenseful and I love the way all of the characters work together to solve mysteries. The characters and their abilities definitely differ from Veronica Mars, but I really enjoy the similar mystery aspects.


*Veronica Mars also has a spin-off book series that follows the events of the movie.



I’m not entirely sure if I would consider this show an absolute favorite, but it’s definitely cute! It’s funny and the relationship between Henry and Eliza is pretty adorable.


If you like Selfie, you should try:

52 Reasons to Hate My Father by Jessica Brody: This has a similar story with a shallow girl getting a reality check. This contemp is one of my favorites and especially hilarious! It’s being made into a movie, too, which is a bonus.


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Thanks so much for all of the television and book recommendations Montana! Be sure to come back next week for a new installment of Fangirl Friday that features one of my very favorite people and her upcoming vacation plans! If you’re Interested in taking over my blog to fangirl your own heart out be sure to sign up below – dates available starting in October.


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