365 Days of YA Reading Challenge 2015 – January Link-Up

The time has come!! Now that we’re more than halfway through the first month of the 365 Days of YA Reading Challenge, Kate and I are debuting the official link up  post for January! Thank you so much for participating in January’s 365 Days of YA Reading Challenge!  If you are new to our challenge check out the Epic Reads infographic and read our intro post.  We will have another sign-up post in February. Hopefully it’s been an amazing month of reading and you’re ready to share your reviews of the books you’ve selected from the Epic Reads infographic.


We can’t wait to see all of the amazing books you guys have read this month and to celebrate that, Epic Reads has generously donated FIVE copies of Amy Ewing’s The Jewel to give away this month. Now, in order to be entered into the drawing, you must link up your January reviews/re-cap post/365 Days of YA Goodreads shelf at the linky below no later than Saturday, January 31st at 11:59mp EST.

Additional entries can be earned by taking part in the photo challenges Kate and I will be hosting each week. Stay tuned each Monday morning for a new photo challenge! Kate and I will announce them on our Twitter and Instagram feeds, and each week you submit a photo is another entry for our monthly giveaway! You still have time to get your entry in for this week’s challenge; a photo of your January TBR pile! Hurry up though, entries close this Sunday at 11:59pm EST. A new challenge will be posted by 8:00am EST on Monday, January 19.


  • Link up your January reviews/re-cap post/365 Days of YA Goodreads shelf no later than Saturday, January 31st at 11:59mp EST using the link below.
  • Please provide a DIRECT link to your post or Goodreads 365 Days of YA shelf.
  • Each person who links up their reviews/re-cap post/ Goodreads shelf will be entered into the January drawing for a copy of The Jewel.
  • Earn additional entries by submitting your photos in our weekly photo challenges posted on Kate’s Twitter and Instagram and Sarah’s Twitter and Instagram every Monday morning.
  • Five winners will be selected – US ONLY! For you international folks, stay tuned for our seasonal giveaways.



11 comments for “365 Days of YA Reading Challenge 2015 – January Link-Up

  1. I just want to make sure I understand this. Does the January challenge have to be titles only in that 4th of the graphic? Or can we pick titles from other places on the chart? Most of what I’ve already read/am currently reading is on that chart but not in that corner.

    However, I do have at least two books that are in that 4th of the graphic that I’m planning on reading right away. And there’s lots more in there that I can’t wait to read too.

    1. The only rule is that the books have to be read in 2015. You can read any of the books on the graphic whenever you want. I personally want to try and follow the timeline of the graphic but may switch it up every once in a while. Hope that helps!

      1. One more question: I noticed a lot of series books listed on the graphic in the book-a-day section that are incomplete. The graphic has book #3 in the series but not book #1 etc …

        Ex.: It has “Ice Like Fire” by Sara Raasch but not “Snow Like Ashes.” And it has “Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins as well as “Isla …” but not “Lola …” Also it has “The 5th Wave” by Rick Yancey but not “The Infinite Sea.”

        So my question is, do books not on the chart but part of a series included in the chart count as #365DaysOfYA books? I can see why books from the same author should not count but it seems to me that if “Something True” (True Love, #3) by Kieran Scott is on the chart but the first book “True Love” isn’t I should get credit so to speak for reading both.

        1. Sarah

          Good question! Only books read in 2015 and that are in the Epic Reads graphic count towards the challenge. BUT…as far as the monthly and seasonal giveaways are concerned, you’re not earning an entry for each BOOK you read, but for when you link up your re-cap/progress post on your blog or 365 Days of YA Goodreads shelf every month. The way you CAN earn extra entries is by taking part in our weekly photo challenges.

  2. Perfect! I’ll probably try to follow the graphic a little closer now that I’m officially in this thing. Although I’ll never have time to do a book a day — unless someone pays all my bills so I can do this!!! ;D

    But I don’t want to change what I’m already in the middle of reading, and I can’t change what I’ve already read. But this challenge looks fun. And the whole chart is certainly very close to my own personal to-read list. So it’s a win-win.

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  4. Hi! 🙂 just wondering…I live in the UK so do I still post my link to my wrap-up post even though I can’t win the giveaway?

    1. Sarah

      Definitely! Your link up will be counted as an entry for our seasonal international giveaway!

  5. I had a lot of fun participating this month, though I only read 2 books from the infographic. I am really looking forward to what February brings!

    href=”//mybookishitinerary.blogspot.com/2015/01/january-365daysofya-challenge-progress.html”>My Jan. Progress & Feb. TBR

  6. I had so much fun with this! I love the freedom of it! I’m posting here as the link-up has closed a bit early (hope I wasn’t too late and I’m just not realising!)


  7. I missed the link-up. Probably stretching the rules a bit with this one.
    I started my book on January 31st. Finished it on February 2nd.
    You can see my linkup here:

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