Blog Tour: Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour: Akata Witch by Nnedi OkoraforAkata Witch (Akata Witch, #1) by Nnedi Okorafor
Published by Speak on July 11th 2017
Pages: 349
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Sunny Nwazue lives in Nigeria, but she was born in New York City. Her features are West African, but she's albino. She's a terrific athlete, but can't go out into the sun to play soccer. There seems to be no place where she fits in. And then she discovers something amazing—she is a "free agent" with latent magical power. And she has a lot of catching up to do.

Soon she's part of a quartet of magic students, studying the visible and invisible, learning to change reality. But just as she's finding her footing, Sunny and her friends are asked by the magical authorities to help track down a career criminal who knows magic, too. Will their training be enough to help them against a threat whose powers greatly outnumber theirs?

Welcome to a very special edition of Book Buzzin’ here at What Sarah Read. What makes today’s installment so exciting? Not only am I part of this amazing blog tour but I’m sharing all the epic details about a book that was first published five whole years ago. “Akata Witch” by Nnedi Okorafor just got  a fresh cover redesign and a whole LOT OF BUZZ for its re-release on July 11th! Yes, that’s the same Nnedi Okorafor whose book “Who Fears Death” was just optioned by HBO with George R.R. Martin serving as Executive Producer!!

“Akata Witch” was pitched to me as a “Nigerian Harry Potter” and you better believe, I was immediately intrigued. You’ll have to read the book for yourself to see if it lives up to that reputation, but it’s pretty safe to say I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of the blog tour hosted by Penguin Teen! So, my friends, keep reading for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about “Akata WItch”…and more! Pssssst…there may be a giveaway if you read to the very end!

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Fangirl Friday with Meredith from Pandora’s Books


Today’s Fangirl Friday is perfectly timed, since I’m currently bingeing season three of the television show Meredith from Pandora’s Books is here to obsess over! I watched the first two seasons religiously every week when it first came out in 2013 and then somewhere along the way, I fell behind a few episodes and never caught back up. Since the series finale just aired last month, I figured the timing would be perfect to binge watch. There’s so much to love about the show…the drama, the swoons, the WARDROBE and the music. It all comes together to make an addicting and intriguing show. Listen, it may not be totally historically accurate, but it’s still a lot of fun to watch. I’ll let Meredith take it from here…

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Leisurely Lit: The Swashbuckling Edition

It’s been a while since my last Leisurely Lit installment, and since it’s summer and a lot of us are going on vacation soon, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to some books that would be perfect for you to bring along on your adventures. I just started watching Black Sails on Starz and am absolutely loving it, so I was inspired to put together the perfect list of YA books that feature everyone’s favorite high seas adventurers…PIRATES. I can’t think of a better theme for summer adventure because once you add pirates to any story it automatically turns into a wild ride. So, grab your best eye patch and start practicing your fiercest “ARRRGGHHH”, because after reading these books you’ll be ready to sail the high seas in search of your very own treasure!

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Fangirl Friday with Ginger from GReads Books! {3}


Today is a VERY special Friday, you guys! Why? Because today is the wonderful Ginger from GReads! birthday!

So what better day to welcome her BACK to the blog (she’s a regular around here these days) on her special day so she can talk about one of her very favorite things in life. For those of us who know Ginger, her name is nearly synonymous with a certain sweet summertime fruit! Ginger has an EPIC collection featuring this fruit and whenever I’m out and about and see something with this on it, it takes everything in me not to buy it for her. She probably already has it anyways! LOL!

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Fangirl Friday with Laura from Scribbles & Wanderlust


Happy Fangirl Friday, everybody! Today’s post from Laura at Scribbles & Wanderlust is a post after my own anglophile heart! Seriously, when I first read this post from Laura I couldn’t help but swoon! There’s nothing I love more than a drama-filled mini-series on BBC or Masterpiece on PBS. Did somebody say Victoria or (sigh) POLDARK!? Unfortunately, there ARE actually some I have missed and that’s why Laura’s post today is so perfect. It’s reminds me that I STILL need to watch the 1995 BBC version of Pride & Prejudice and that FINAL episode of North & South! I’m kind of embarrassed to admit those are still on my to watch list. I will say this, you MUST take Laura’s recommendation and watch Belle…it’s simply amazing!

So, get your Netfix queue ready, because Laura is about to bless us all with some epic British films!

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On my Nightstand…{3}

It may be Wednesday, but it’s back to the daily grind for me after four glorious days off for the holiday! I always find getting back into the groove of my day job such a chore after some time off. Is anyone else out there struggling to find some motivation too? Have no fear! Here’s another edition of On My Nightstand to brighten your day! I got some really great enthusiasm and feedback when I debuted this feature a few of months ago, so I figured it was time for another installment! So, what’s this feature all about?

I LOVE discovering what people are currently reading and adding it to my TBR! So, I decided that I’d create a feature here at What Sarah Read that highlights the books that are currently sitting on my nightstand (literally) and waiting to be read. What I really hope is that maybe you’ll discover a new book or two and add it to YOUR nightstand!

Here’s the six books currently sitting on my nightstand. It’s mostly upcoming releases I’m super excited for, but I also snuck in some back list books that I have been meaning to read for MONTHS! Check it out…

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BREAKING NEWS: Title Reveal for “Rebel of the Sands” #3 by Alwyn Hamilton

I am SO excited to be a part of the exciting bookish buzz today! In case you haven’t heard already, the title for the third book in the Rebel of the Sands series by Alwyn Hamilton is being announced today, and you came to the right place! First things first though, if you haven’t read the first two books in the series, Rebel of the Sands and Traitor to the Throne, then you are seriously missing out. You NEED to add these two books to your TBR now!  Here’s what I had to say about Rebel in March of last year…

This book is jam-packed with non-stop excitement and the adventure is thrilling! “Rebel of the Sands” is perfect for those readers who enjoy epic quests and lots of action, mixed in with a healthy dose of meaningful character development and thoughtful protagonists.

Those words definitely right true for book two as well! As you can see, I loved this series from the very beginning and I think you will too. Need more convincing? Just take a look at the mood boards I created below. They’ll give you a good idea of what you can expect from these two epic books!

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Fangirl Friday with Angie from Read Sleep Repeat


Happy Friday, friends! We’re back after a one-week hiatus thanks to me being a complete flake! Picture it, last Friday night at 9pm, sheer panic grips me as I check my scheduled posts and realized I didn’t have anything ready for the next day. That’s right, your girl totally forgot to schedule last week’s Fangirl Friday, so it’s coming at you right now. A week later, but still epic and amazing!

I’m so excited to be welcoming the fabulous Angie from Read Sleep Repeat. Angie is the pure definition of fangirl! When she loves something, she loves it HARD and I always love seeing her tweets of enthusiasm and love for her favorite things. I have heard SO many amazing things about her Fangirl Friday topic, and her post just gets me even more intrigued. I think it’s finally time for me to dive into the world of “Yuri!!! on Ice”!

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Book Feels: In a Perfect World by Trish Doller {Author Interview & Mini Review}

Book Feels: In a Perfect World by Trish Doller {Author Interview & Mini Review}In a Perfect World by Trish Doller
Published by Simon Pulse on May 23, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Family, Friendship, Love & Romance, Religious, Social Issues, Young Adult
Buy on Amazon

Caroline Kelly is excited to be spending her summer vacation working at the local amusement park with her best friend, exploring weird Ohio with her boyfriend, and attending soccer camp with the hope she’ll be her team’s captain in the fall.

But when Caroline’s mother is hired to open an eye clinic in Cairo, Egypt, Caroline’s plans are upended. Caroline is now expected to spend her summer and her senior year in a foreign country, away from her friends, her home, and everything she’s ever known.

With this move, Caroline predicts she’ll spend her time navigating crowded streets, eating unfamiliar food, and having terrible bouts of homesickness. But when she finds instead is a culture that surprises her, a city that astounds her, and a charming, unpredictable boy who challenges everything she thought she knew about life, love, and privilege.

-a space where I share my thoughts and feelings on upcoming and recent book releases –

Guys, I have the perfect summer read for you! Best part? It comes from the author who brought us the swoony and feels filled Where the Stars Still Shine, the super creepy The Devil You Know and the book I STILL need to read (cause everyone I know raves about it) Something Like Normal. That’s right, Trish Doller newest release, In a Perfect World, is perfect for your beach bag, pool side reading or your picnic basket. Not only does this one deliver on the swoons, but it also has a very timely and important message that makes it a MUST READ this summer

Before I give you more of my review, I want to share the interview I recently had with Trish. I got to ask her about her inspiration for her latest book, as well as some personal fun facts. Check it out and then keep reading for my review… Continue reading “Book Feels: In a Perfect World by Trish Doller {Author Interview & Mini Review}”


Fangirl Friday with Jess from Literary, Etc.


I am loving today’s installment of Fangirl Friday you guys! Just a little back story before we jump into the fabulous post from Jess at Literary, etc., I was a HUGE fan of Jim Morrison back in high school and college…like, obsessed! I still love music from The Doors, but my fangirl mode over Jim Morrison was on overdrive in my teens and early 20s. I had posters of him in my bedroom, watched the movie on my VCR about a million and one times, and even used the date of his death as my ATM pin code…morbid much! Needless today, as I read through Jess’ post I was hit with a serious case of nostalgia. So thank you, Jess, for bringing back those feels from one of my very first fangirl experiences!

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